The queens of Deathpop have returned with a third single release that finds shelter in the macabre and fetishism. “No Exit” channels all of our obscure and undesirable thoughts and transforms them into a black mass parade of Alternative / Industrial Rock mixed with electronica. LISTEN NOW!

Guys, if you don’t know HVIRESS by now, you’re missing out. They are a duo of hard rockers who go a long way back since they began touring. The electronic queens of goddess-themed deathpop, Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby), create music inspired by the spiritual, and most particularly the occult. Think of it as if Joan Jett met Alastair Crowley, what a mix!

“No Exit” continues with the duo’s legacy of intense, explosive, and ruinous singles. A song that gives no quarter to traitors, and that relishes in the perverse.

Beginning with a sinister intro of distorted guitars and hellish synths that give you the chills, the track immediately lays the foundations of the chaos that’s about to come. Mishkin opens the first verse with her melodious, yet menacing voice, later joined by Hana in the chorus. The instrumentation gives the sensation of being in a dark opera, that slowly builds up into an explosion of drums, guitars and screaming vocals.

“No Exit” forms part of the compilation “This is Deahpop” released by Give/Take records, a boutique record label based in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, specializing in auteur-driven, experimental projects with an electronic approach (host to David J Haskins of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets). 

The song also comes with a music video made with the help of long-term HVIRESS collaborators Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby), Evan Rodaniche (Cage9) and Scott Chalmers. In it you can see Hana and Mishkin playing dominatrix over a submissive Simon Field. Whatever this guy did to piss them off, I don’t wanna know!

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