Unknown But Essentials! (July 2022)

July 30, 2022

Hey, some great releases that we had this month, let´s take a look at 10 of them, you have 170 tracks in this month playlist so you’re going to have a lot of fun listening to it.

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (KLEN, Vomit Baby, 9 O’clock Nasty, The Qwarks, Venustra, Suzitoy, to mention some of them)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

Remember to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from those who have). If you want to check the previous article for this playlist you can do it here.


1.- Mishaps and their debut single Cavities. In their own words “We are the spokesmen for the broken youth. We cover a plethora of genres such as; classic rock, punk and new generation alternative/indie rock. We also dabble in our own song writing, aiming to be the voices of our broken and forgotten youth. Come on our Mishap fueled journey, the only real rule is to be unapologetically yourself.”

2.- Dee Rae Manchester-based queer indie-rock artist Dee Rae is a purple-haired force to be reckoned with. Taking inspiration from artists such as Snail Mail, Wet Leg and The Japanese House, her “emotive vocals” and “delicate guitar lines” has given her a unique spot in today’s world of indie-rock. Dee has dominated the North West in the past year, playing gigs at packed out venues and quickly gaining a strong fan base on TikTok and Instagram.

3.- The Ascending  Waiting A Storm“. Much like an open book, The Ascending offers an authentic, limitless universe. Newly formed in Nantes, the band’s music is an invitation to come together by placing the human being at the heart of the project. The both devoted and poetic lyrics assure a solid foundation for the new band, deeply anchored in the current state of society.Their current lineup includes 6 musicians from the Nantes rock scene, with no exception: Jessica (Alan Stivell, Kervegans), Clair (Stinky), Alex (Les Hommes Crabes, No Jogging For Today), Thomas (Tsar), Maxime (20 Seconds Falling Man, Inglorious Bad Stars), and Eddy (Eddy Kaiser).

4.-This is the third release from Dan Pye‘s debut EP ‘Funny Way of Dying Kid’. This is the title track of the EP and what Dan would consider the centre piece. It’s a song that inspired the rest of the EP and the direction of the project.

The song it self is a very introspective contemplation on mortality. It goes through all the different ways we find ourselves ‘Dying’ in life. From first experiences ‘Dying’ on stage or of embarrassment, to losing the ones we love the most.

The song is produced in a fun upbeat manner to juxtapose the seemingly gloomy topic. When we look at death more objectively it often highlights the beauty of life and that’s what Dan wants to celebrate with you in this song.

5.- Mike Pasarella “The song Not For Me is about love and hope but also a reflection of what we had and miss from time to time. But we need to move and open up for new magical experiences.

The song is written after I got separated from my amazing ex wife. We were partners is crime private as on work. Story can be read here.

During the song I am telling her it is okay to meet new people and build an other life apart from me, even though we are best friends forever, that new experience will give new opportunities and build new stories. Something that ends, how hard it looks, is always a gateway to new things. And this song of love and hope is a motivation anthem how separation can lead into something magic.

6.- Dr. Veers  are an alternative rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland consisting of Dylan Forbes (Lead vocals), Omar Al-Asadi (Lead guitar), Angus Rive (Bass guitar) and Mark Adam (Drums).

Microsleep is heavily influenced by 90s-rock with a contemporary twist. The song is a fast-paced alt-rock bop that explores themes such as working in a mundane full-time job while balancing meaningful relationships.

7.- ‘I’m Only a Guest in the House of the Lord‘ is a bittersweet indie-rock song. The melancholic yet hopeful lyrics are influenced by religious and spiritual philosophies, the freedom we gain from knowing that we don’t own our possessions, the land upon which we live or even our own bodies. This bittersweet sentiment is mirrored by the explosive shift in dynamic at 1.10, culminating in an uplifting guitar solo by our guitarist Georgia Maria, which closes the song in a major key, representing the positive message behind the song’s lyrics.

Calebo is a 4-piece indie rock band hailing from London, UK.

Singer-songwriter Dan Caleb, guitarist Georgia Maria, bassist Rob Ouseley and drummer Roy Lubugumu met on the famous London open-mic circuit in 2017.

8.- Fondabath, a young Stockport-based band, made up of lead singer Grace Parker, bassist Ellie Morgan, lead guitarist Sam Hampton & drummer Elijah Brown, and this is their debut single titled ‘Where’s Your Smile Gone?’ that ’ is a total Indie Rock anthem with an instant hook.

9.- Matt Jacques in his own words:  A Gypsy Jazz flavored indie sing-along. I’m fascinated with how certain places become so romanticized they gain an almost mythical reputation. Such as the place, locally known as “Bandit Town“, where I lived at the time. During a period when it seemed like there was always something going on, break-ins, shops getting help up, cars getting smashed up or set on fire at night and whatnot, the song pretty much wrote itself. I just held on to the pen.

10.- Burning Juniper are an Indie Rock from Eltham in South East London consisting of Ellis Smith (Lead Singer, guitarist), Lewis Maddison (Lead Guitar), James Roberts (drums), and Callum Gough (Bass guitar). The band have been together for just a little over a year having met whilst they are still studying audio production at university. They mix guitar-driven, post-punk hooks with effortlessly brilliant melodies, and

have perfected their stage craft by regularly performing live in front of packed shows at a wide range of venues. This has included performing at The Fiddlers Elbow for Camden Rocks, The Amersham Arms, a headline gig at the Cavendish Arms, and numerous other venues in and around London. They have an upcoming show for This Feeling at The Water Rats in July. The band have recently recorded their debut single ‘She Changes The Weather

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