Under Delusion’s powerful single “Over The Rainbow”

This track is a vibrant mix of Industrial and Alternative Rock, with punchy/dark elements similar to those of New Wave and Goth-Rock. “Over The Rainbow” by Under Delusion is an homage to a good friend. In loving memory of talented musician Maxx Verkhovski.


Hello my friends! Good morning, good evening, or good night wherever you are. It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very special single release for you guys. The talented guys from Under Delusion have returned with a new song that impacts right from the start.

I will always say this about any band I love: If you don’t know Under Delusion by now, you’re missing out. In fact, you should go ahead and listen to their previous releases Runaway and Lover when you’re finished listening to this one.

These Russian musicians have everything I like. Powerful drums, exciting guitar riffs, mysterious atmospheres, and beautiful sexy vocals. But today, the Moscow artists are presenting another side to them in “Over The Rainbow”.

As I mentioned above, “Over The Rainbow” was written in loving memory of Under Delusion’s friend and talented musician Maxx Verkhovski. Maxx worked with them in a studio when they recorded demos of Fairy, Pain and other songs of their debut album. “We had a great conversation about music, artists, and music-making just a day before he passed away”, the band explains.

The track immediately begins with a powerful drum beat, catching us by surprise. The electronica-like drums pave the way for melodic arpeggios, washy synths, and of course, low-timbered vocals. As the chorus hits we are left with a pumping rhythm, high-gained guitar riffs in the background, and a driving bass, leaving space for the catchy vocals.

It is for sure a much more different turn from their sensual single “Lover”, but Under Delusion has shown the chameleonic abilities they have as musicians, without losing identity. So give it a listen!

Presenting themes of love, anger, loss, and all manner of honest reflections on humanity and life itself, their songs call out to the deep thinkers and emotionally uncertain alike. In times of great division and difficulty, they offer understanding, escapism, and solace.

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