Unknown But Essentials! (Sep 2022)

September 29, 2022

Hey, yes, I know, is not the last day of the month but it doesn’t matter we can enjoy all these tracks anyway, well honestly tomorrow is going to be a long a busy day, so I prefer to bring this to you now than in October.

Another great month no doubt about it, really crazy this playlist is becoming, 250 tracks so far, and you bet this number is going to be higher at the end of tomorrow, but I can’t wait more so here are the TOP 10 tracks this month, but as you might guess, these are not the only gems hiding here so I hope you dig this list and pick the ones that you enjoy the most and add them to your library.

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (I’ve Tried Sleeping, Clinically Sane, Madison Davenport, Blue Lush, Strangely Alright, The Brouhaha, Chris Mason, to mention some of them)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

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1.- Stone Sea  Nobody wants to move when they feel comfortable. Then, the comfort becomes cold but change turns to fear. Suddenly we see ourselves stuck in a situation where we don’t feel excitement, but we don’t feel any discontentment either. Welcome to the Sweet Inertia, I’m sure you’ve been here before.

2.- Nikoli’s gearing up to release “First Time” –– the second release from NIKOLI’s upcoming EP “Slightly Imperfect.” The self-produced track is a mantra for Partiyeli’s future goals and ambitions. As well as a reminder to always see things with fresh eyes, as sometimes the first time is often the most exciting. The upbeat listening experience and his interlacing melodies provide the listener with an infectious track.

3.- Naama Guggenheim In her own words talking about ‘Unappealing‘: “I wrote this song as a self-reminder, I kept trying to convince myself that I can do better. It became a real lifesaver for me, and once I started playing it live it spread like wildfire. Full of originality, this uplifting self-motivator is a lyrical, groove and melodic addiction. With anthem-like potential it has a refreshing sense of pride to it, it almost feels like a relief. Me and Ofiri produced it together and we couldn’t be prouder of the result.

4.- Angry Old ManEmpty Castle” The song is about losing the things that matter most to you, and how you try to process it.

5.- Currently based in Sweden, 27-year-old Dutch born singer-songwriter Valère Géron releases his debut single “You Don’t Want My Heart“. A mindful composition that intentionally draws on a combination of contemporary and classic elements to create a cheerfully upbeat track while simultaneously being raw and honest.

6.- Dream OperatorAs You Do” is the first song of a 7 song EP to be released in early 2023. It was written on the back of a song initially conceived and written for an ad project, but then disassembled, squished, torn and reassembled into this with joyous, loving lyrics and strings added to create its own new imaginary world, leading to this chamber/synth pop release.

7.- ‘Reckless‘ “Sad Girls Rock” is an anthem for all of those who have ever felt isolated and as if they had to suffer in silence with their pain. It contains powerful and honest lyrics covering recklesse’s experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts. The purpose of this song is to bring people together ,allowing everyone to openly express their pain.

8.- Hang Linton, In his own words “The track ‘SALE’ ft. LeBron Aggressive is a surreal take on reality. Everything & anything comes with a price tag. Including yourself. Inspired by my love for The Apprentice & Talking Heads.”

9.- “Consent” is the energetic first alt-pop single from Rookes‘ self-produced POPNOTPOP LP, set for November release. Conceived at the height of London lockdown, Consent follows the stream of Rookes’ revelations while processing the breakdown of a relationship that had spun out of control. The result is an infectiously catchy, cathartic pop-rock release

10.- “45” is the debut single for an 11 song album prepared by Giovany Revelle. A song inspired by near death experiences the lyrics use the metaphorical staring down the barrel of a 45 to represent how quick life can change.

The music video for “45” is a conceptual Western-style showdown filmed in Temecula, California over three days.

This music video was the most ambitious Video production to date for Giovany Revelle as it involved renting a location, hiring a stylist, renting wardrobe and props, and flying/driving in a team of nine to complete. As the only Western/Country sounding song on the record, it strays from the big band sound of most of the album yet still feels cohesive. The track features Giles Corey, well-known Chicago Blues guitarist who’s played with Blues legends Otis Rush and Billy Branch.

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