The Mars McClanes – “The Liar”

We all know him, that guy who’s always telling tall tales about fame and achievements in order to dazzle the naive and amaze the ignorant. The truth is he/she’s only looking for attention! With this Alt-Country track The Mars McClanes expose the fake people with a honky tonk sound!


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back! It’s your truth teller, MadZen, and today we will enjoy the comical charade of this little, funny character. Brought to us by Portland-based rockers, The Mars McClanes, this single is both entertaining and musically exciting. Let’s get to it!

In case you’ve missed it, The Mars McClanes are a recently reunited Rock band from Dallas, TX who are currently based in Portland, OR. After the release of their singles The Worriers, Wherever You Go, and Day Is Done, these guys are making a come back with a more refined sound, without leaving their characteristic sense of humor behind.

“The Liar” is a great Rock track about… well, a liar. That guy who’s at every party dazzling the easily led with tall tales that stretch the truth like plastic wrap just barely hanging onto the edge of a potluck casserole dish. With verses like “my grandma once chopped a man in half / with a thirty-dollar bill and a baseball bat” and “my mom’s best friend’s with Jessica Chastain” The Mars McClanes created a character out of the reality of many people out there.

You will listen to a raggedy-rag drum beat supported by a southy bass, all of that Texan sweetness and rhythm that we all like. A vibrant, thrilling telecaster played by Russ Chapman delivers a blissing riff that could run thrills down a mummy’s spine. Vocals are passionate, melodic, and carried by a powerful performance that keeps an echo inside you head!

“I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun working on a song,” says co-writer Brian Corley. “We couldn’t stop writing verses to this thing. The first verse was out way into the song, but there are at least ten other verses. Russ had to sort through the options to pull out the bit about the castle made out of steel-belted tires, and the rest is history.”

Of course, our deluded liar is only seeking for attention, and although it is true that in real life these kind of people shouldn’t get any, this track most definitely much deserves so. So give it a chance, and


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