Call In Dead – “Deepest Condolences” Album

Call In Dead is without a doubt one of the most savage and brutal Hardcore Punk bands out there today, and “Deepest Condolences” just confirms it. This album is a testament of Orlando’s veteran Punk legends.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back, once again! It’s your hardcore buddy, MadZen, and today I’m super excited about the imminent release of an album that I’m sure will break a few necks out there. Brought to us by you already know who, “Deepest Condolences” is a brutal exclamation of pure Hardcore fidelity. Let’s get to it!

Since I first listened to CID with “Summer Camp“, I’ve been amazed by their energy and grittiness mixed with their zero-fucks-given attitude. This kind of music is as raw as it gets and I know there’s a lot of you out there who really, really enjoy it. As do I!

“Deepest Condolences” blasts away with full force. A rampage of distortion, metal screams, Punk lyricism, and obliterating drum beats. A valid statement that Punk is pretty much alive and well. In the album are included some of CID’s previous singles like “Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans“, “Fight of The Bumblebee“, “Minor Threat” and “Lemmy is God”, and it also includes some brand-new songs like “Melonoma”, “Gimme Vaughn” and “Song About A Horse“.

The album also features previous singer Jaeh Peck who was replaced by Ripley in January of 2022. Both Jaeh and Ripley deliver an incredibly fierce performance, hard to pick one at least for me, both do a great job no doubt. All of the songs are fast, filled with rage, and explosive like an atom bomb, you can literally listen to the sweat coming down from their foreheads.

Call in Dead is always the lightest band on a metal show and the heaviest band on a punk show, and this album really conveys that. The fact that even with families and full-time jobs these guys are still able to pull out great music like this is mind blowing. So, you better pay your respects and


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