Tough on Fridays? You’re a Daisy if You Do

One of our favorite artists at the #LT1KF blog is back with a brand-new single that dropped only a couple weeks ago on October 3rd. I am speaking none other than Georgetown, Texas’s Tough On Fridays and the new track, already catching fire, is called, “Daisy.” The band, consisting of Caleigh (guitar/vocals), Carly (bass/vocals) along with studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck have released the second single off of what is the be the follow up to their critically acclaimed (and appropriately titled for the year of the pandemic might I add) album “A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time.” The new album is scheduled for release November 4th and it too has an equally endearing and humorous working title: “The Encore You Didn’t Ask For.” The previous single, “Growing Pains,” was the first single released from the upcoming album. “Daisy” starts similarly in character to that previous single: super melodic, starting out sounding very indie and folk, etc. However, Daisy takes a raucous turn once you hear the distorted guitars swell into the mix and erupt into an anthemic grunge riff mid-song.

Based on these two songs released so far, it is fascinating to ponder about what the new record will sound like. “A Fantastic Way to Kill Some Time” seemed more rooted in a straight forward punk rock to me. “Cabin Fever,” in my mind, felt like a turning point. Not a huge paradigm shift or anything, but the songwriting really matured into this (and maybe I’m just fanboying out because I’m a 90s kid) deeper and more alternative/grungy dynamic that I really appreciate. By the time “Lush (Reimaigined)” was released and shortly thereafter came out on the “Overboard!” EP, I think that’s when inspirations like Paramore were more prevalent in their sound. No right or wrong answers here, because I love the last album too. It’s just an interesting thing to observe. In part because if “Growing Pains” and “Daisy” that are indicative of the direction the new album is taking, I feel like I’m getting thrown more curve balls. “Growing pains” sounds a little alt-country at times.

“Daisy,” as best as I can describe it, reminds me of a space somewhere between The Cranberries, Silverchair, and Beach Bunny. All of which I am a huge fan of. The lyrics are pretty dark. I love the opening line, “you are drugs on a silver plate and daisies on a single grave.” Carrying on metaphorically, Caleigh (making my best guess as to who’s singing based off of live performances I’ve watched) continues with “You could be my daisy” as if some nihilistic foreshadowing of the writer eventually “pushing daisies?” At least that’s how I interpreted the lyrics, and that’s what I love about this kind of music. It’s evocative and the listener often walks away with their own subjective take on what they just heard.

Ah, the art of things. I love it, but if I could get all “biz” on you for a second, the band also has some pretty exciting things happening in that respect. They are indeed still with Golden Robot Records Entertainment Group, but now on an imprint of that company (the Group consists of 12 independent record labels) called Archangel Records, which is a label that focuses solely on female fronted bands. That’s pretty rad. They also been playing some big live shows, opening for the likes of The Dollyrots, He is We, and more. As I was implying earlier as a sidebar, there is plenty of live performances on their YouTube channel to check out. A great deal of their buzz is coming from their live performances. In fact, the day after the new album drops (November 5th) there looks to be a record release show in the works. Go listen to the new single, get hyped, and get notified when tickets go on sale HERE!

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