De Antiquis Et Novis’s hypnotic in “Time Is Running Out”

With a sense of urgency, this track by De Antiquis Et Novis invites us to dance and move with its euphoric trance beat. “Time Is Running Out” is an EDM / Techno-inspired track that will most definitely make you move your feet.


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What’s going on guys! It’s your dance-floor sweeper, MadZen, and today we will get our groove on with this upcoming new track by this amazing artist! Brought to us by German producer Matthias Schorer, this song was made to dance, and it delivers! Let’s get to it!

De antiquis et novis isn’t a stranger in our blog, he has already been featured several times with his singles Calm, and Afterglow, as well as his full LP Afterglow. Only this time, the Munich-based musician has speeded things up; moving on from his chilled productions, he is now experimenting with a much more dancing pace as he did with his previous release Alchemy.

“Time Is Running Out” begins with a couple of reverb-drenched piano stabs, quickly followed by a steady Techno kick and chiming, digital Hi-Hats. As the song progresses, the jumping bass begins to unfold slowly but surely, and a female vocal appears to warn us that, in fact, time is running out! Simple and effective, this track continues to add minimal but important details like frantic synth lines and soft percussions. The end result is a hypnotic EDM track with a lot of groove!

1.- Please tell us a bit more about you and your musical background.

I come from a very musical family. My father played the violin, my mother the organ and my brother plays guitar. In fact my grandfather was a master pipe organ builder and I loved being with him in his workshop. Music has been all around me since I was born. And when none of the family members played music then we either listened to the radio or my brother
and father built music equipment like electronic organs, amplifiers and guitar effects.

The combination of electronic and music was there from the very beginning. So it does not come to a surprise that I built my first modular synthesizer myself from a DIY kit when I was 14. It was a modular system called Formant. I still have it and it still works!

2.- What does being able to make music mean to you?

Playing music gives me creative freedom to do what I want. I can be in the studio for hours designing new sounds and creating songs. In the corporate world where I spend the other half of my life everything is structured and usually has tight timelines.

Collaboration is a must as well, which means that you are never alone when making decisions. In my studio I am the only person who makes decisions, therefore it is a welcomed change of workingstyle!

3.- What made you move from your more chilled productions to this more danceable beat? Was it planned?

In fact I have produced danceable tracks before! The song “Vallis Bouvard” for example, which is contained on my album Moon, is very danceable. I found that it surpasses my other tracks in number of streams every month and that it is regularly played on internet radio stations.

So I figured that people like that style of music. While “Vallis Bouvard” is reminiscent of the early french house music I have focussed on more modern styles like Techno and Trance for my new tracks “Alchemy” and “Time Is Running Out”. These and other tracks will be released on a new album, working title “Dance” sometime in the mid of 2023! I also think about performing live and it has never hurt to have some dance tracks in the repertoire!

4.- As a Munich-based artist, how well does your community embrace the kind of music you do?

There are many electronic artists in Munich and I am collaborating with some of them as well. My dear friend Mariangela Diella who goes by her artist’s name May Rei did the vocals on the song “Sea of Tranquility” which is also contained on Moon. You should definitely check out her works as well!

5.- Anything else you want to add?
The De Antiquis Et Novis Music studio in Munich will be history soon. And I will have some very exciting news to share later this year


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