Nobody’s Wolf Child “Big Bad Wolf”

Nobody’s Wolf Child. The wolf, the beautiful and dangerous creature of the big forests, amazes and frightens us. Many fairytales and movies depict wolves as killers, the macabre ruthless creatures that follow their victims and kill them mercilessly. The truth is that wolves don’t really kill for fun, revealing the disturbing fact that the most bloodthirsty killers of all, the real Big Bad Wolves actually walk among us.

Nobody’s Wolf Child returns with an incredible and dark new single called “Big Bad Wolf“. Inspired by the wolf-shaped yet entirely human killers living much closer to us than we would have suggested, the single reveals the disturbing grim world that resides in their souls. The artist has taken a more electronic approach in this song, bringing a whole ton of power into the blood-dripping darkness.

At the same time, they have not forgotten the cinematic side of their wonderful storytelling, and so the massive growling parts also give way to airy quiet introspective moments. All of that is powered by the lyrics that are very much disturbingly honest about the face you’re probably avoiding looking into.

Nobody's Wolf Child "Big Bad Wolf" 2

Being an audiovisual artist, Nobody’s Wolf Child has also prepared a video for this song. Dark and disturbing, the clip is like a perfect horror movie, for its story is not as fictitious as one would wish it to be, and the Big Bad Wolf character is given a truly bloodcurdling appearance.

The person who appears to be a higher-class member of society flaunting with their expensive fur is also the same creature with sharp fangs, clawed fingers, and covered in the remains of their victim. Speaking of the latter, be warned that if you’re squeamish at the sight of blood, you might want to sit this one out and just enjoy the song, because there will be a lot of blood. But if you enjoy a really well-made film that doesn’t shy away from showing the full darkness that a human soul can contain, this video is a recommended watch.

Wolves and the more primal side of human nature are the basis of Nobody’s Wolf Child’s musical output, which began with the events of “The Fall“. The artist has since been releasing a string of singles, among them “Lost Among Pines” and “Green Fires“, as well as “The Devil’s Gold“, which is part of the blog’s “Top 100 Songs 2022“.

“Big Bad Wolf” is the 5th single coming from the artist. It’s out now, so go give it a listen!
Also, stay tuned to what Nobody’s Wolf Child will be up to next, as they’re looking into a pretty busy 2023!

Nobody's Wolf Child "Big Bad Wolf

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