Ainsley Costello – “Cherry On Top”

We’re very proud to report that our beloved Ainsley Costello is back once again with an excellent single. “Cherry On Top” is her fifth release this year alone, proving that our girl is just as prolific as she is talented in her songwriting. Ainsley already showed the world exactly how versatile and unique she can be within her brilliant pop punk deliveries, and this time the Nashville native packs a slightly different punch, in a song that sounds like a No Doubt leftover from Rock Steady.

With Anna Waronker-like confessional lyrics and a Hayley Williams edge, Ainsley Costello is quickly making a name for herself – and rightly so. We’ve been paying close attention, we’ve covered all of her singles from 2022 (see; “Little Sister“, “Two Ships“, “Someone’s Someone” and “Type“) and it has been lovely to witness firsthand her maturity blossoming more and more each time. The 18-year-old singer isn’t afraid to speak her mind, with a razor-sharp wit and lyrics that sound extremely personal and also relatable to everyone. Anyone who’s ever fallen in love and watched it all go sour can say ‘hey, I get what this girl is singing about’ on this one.

“Honey, I hope you know that I wish you well, or maybe I don’t; but you know that I’d never tell, ’cause either way you can’t say I didn’t handle it with grace, ’cause at the end of the day, I’m not the one who put the cherry on top of the mess you made; but I’ll leave it all to rot”, she blasts in a bridge that feels surgically written and sounds like the best part of a never recorded Olivia Rodrigo song. “Cherry On Top” is a little bit of her very own “You Oughta Know” moment, but ultimately it’s about washing your hands clean and simply moving on because this person doesn’t even deserve your anger.

Ainsley Costello is a smart songwriter, and she knows her alternative rock like the back of her hand. She goes from Paramore to Veruca Salt in a matter of seconds, and it just proves that this girl knows exactly what she is doing and that she definitely is the real deal. Ainsley Costello can do anything, and we’re lucky to go along on her ride.


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