An anthemic Pop Rock track with a sassy attitude. “Type” is a girl power song crafted to remind young girls to always put themselves first, no matter what – or who – comes their way. Ainsley Costello once again delivers an exciting Rock track about staying true to who you are and what you like. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys! It’s your music crusader, MadZen, and today I’m super glad to be here with you again, ready to deliver more amazing tunes! This time is the turn of a super musician girl who’ve just delivered her 24th all-time single, and she’s just barely 18 years old! Let’s get to it.

If you don’t remember, we had Ainsley Costello reviewed a couple of months back with her singles Little Sister, Two Ships, and Someone’s Someone. This amazing young singer comes from Nashville, Tn, and her music stays true to her southern roots while mixing it up with the explosive energy of Rock. She really puts out bangers, and this single ain’t the exception!

“Type” is Costello’s funny way of addressing an age-old tale. Teased about her friends and family that she’s got a type: “5’ 7 or 8, brown hair, brown eyes, ripped jeans and a Zeppelin T shirt”, she makes it very clear that such “type” is really the only kind of boy that likes her, and that she definitely does NOT like it back. In the chorus, Costello puts a clever twist on the catchy phrase; “I don’t like the type, the type likes me.”

Listening to the track you will realize that Costello is clearly agonizing because of the endless cycle of boys coming towards her, fitting inside “the type”. She confesses that she’s just misunderstood, and that next time she won’t be so nice! With attitude driven lyrics, this track is both entertaining and fun, and a really good sing-along experience.

“As silly as it sounds, this song is actually based on a true story. For some reason there have been more boys that fit this description around me than you’d guess, but if you know me, you know that none of them have been romantic relationships with me. But this universal idea of “the type” (whether we have one or not) was so fascinating that I knew I had to write a totally sassy pop banger about it. Type is a light and funny take on staying true to yourself, what you like, and being confident about it along the way.”

Some have called Costello’s music “happy punk”, and I can see why. Such is the direction her music is turning to with great high-gain riffs, big banging drums, and exciting guitar solos. Of course, Ainsley’s voice is as youthful as it is talented, holding a strong capacity to connect with girls of her generation or younger. So, go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

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