Tired All The Time – “One Big File”

New-Wave meets Stoner Rock in this captivating, dreamy-sounding single. “One Big File” is nostalgic, and a little blue, but it’s without a doubt a beautiful tune (that rhymes).


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, it’s you boy MadZen and today it’s a special day because Tired All The Time is back at it again with their social dystopia music. This release is a little bit more Pop-ish than their previous ones, but it is a great, great, musical experience. So, let’s get to it!

In case you don’t recall, Tired All The Time, or TATT, is an experimental rock group from Washington, DC who have been reviewed here on the blog with their singles Regrets, Then And There, and Sun. They are known for appropriating language and aesthetics from the corporate medical and pharmaceutical industries as somewhat of an anti-theme, and their lyrics explore subjects related to sociogenic anxiety, societal disparities, and future uncertainty… Sounds a bit overwhelming but I promise their music is good!

“One Big File” is a very interesting release as it blends New-Wave-like synths, with Stoner-Rock-inspired fuzzy bass. And I mean, fuzz for days! It even has some auto-tuned background vocals in the choruses, a nice little unexpected touch that will make you go… Huh.

The song is about the darker consequences of a world that funnels isolated people into terrible acts which serve the purpose of isolating us further.

It has been said that TATT songs explore themes of how political and economic forces manifest themselves in people’s personal lives, and you’ll be able to tell so by this single’s lyrics. As I said, a bit overwhelming, but with a great, lush, beautiful composition.

¡So, listen now!

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