Herald K’s stunner new album “Mythologies” opens up a world of folklore

And it’s done through an intimate prism provided by Herald K the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s “Folk Noir” sound. The album, described as currents and undercurrents, retells old folklore tales both well-known and relatively unknown, and gives them a fresh air and tender movie-like narrative.


In anticipation of the upcoming album, Herald K has released 5 singles off it. This blog has covered three of these tales turned into songs – “Echo’s Song“, “Wandering Aengus” and “Arethusa“. Each of those showed Herald K’s knack for stirring up vivid imagery with rather minimal and gentle instrumentation, sparse soft vocals, and lyrics that are both simple yet incredibly efficient at describing the events. In addition to being able to clearly see what’s happening, the instrumental side takes the shape of the surroundings – the forests, the river, moss, and wildlife.

Herald K "Mythologies" artwork

The singles have gone through a retouch and appear in an improved form on the album, where they meet 5 other songs for a total of 10 songs and a runtime of 43 minutes. Folk stories come back to life on this release to show what led to the creation of Echo and the flower of narcissus, to show the face of the Dark Lady, and reveal the repeating nature of history through kings that have killed to gain their reign.

It’s a heartwarming listen full of wisdom, clarity of thought, reflection, and sheer human nature, all wrapped in acoustic folk melodies that support the blooming tale. Staying true to the foundation of the stories, Herald K has kept the thoughtful air of caution in the songs – learn from the story, so you won’t repeat the same mistake. Now, if only all stories came in such captivating forms…

“Mythologies” will be out on May 12th. The album is also available in a physical format, namely a CD, which you can pre-order from Herald K’s distributor. Sidenote – the site is in German.


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