Liposuction’s outstanding debut “She Hz”

This new Australian band is making an outstanding debut with “She Hz”. Liposuction, led by front-woman Sunday Hunter, and they’re preparing to reveal to the public their amazing first single, and trust me, it’s something you don’t wanna miss.



What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Today we have a pretty, pretty cool upcoming single from the likes of Garbage and The Cardigans. An all-around explosive track with an extreme attitude and powerful Hard Rock riffs. Produced entirely by Sunday Hunter, this track absolutely destroys. Let’s get it!

Liposuction was created by Sunday Hunter, a Brisbane-based artist who started out as a solo project with singles Reckless Deadly and Illogical Sphere. Now, with the help of two great musicians, Guy Drory on drums and Shannon Kilcoyne on bass, the trio is officially a band, led by a powerful female energy.

“She Hz” is their very first release and we’re very excited. The track has a lot of ’90s and 00’s Rock energy, which will no doubt take you back to a different era. It was born out of the way some people tend to self-destruct when they’re in their youth. In Hunter’s words:

She Hz is a reflection on the reckless, self-destructive, and sometimes illegal behaviours we undertake in our younger years. When I was a young artist living in Sydney I would often roam the streets, sometimes trespassing on private property like abandoned warehouses, and got myself into trouble a few times. This song is an ode to those years and experiences, like looking through a window into that time of my life.”

It is one hell of a banger that kickstarts right away with a powerful drum and bass intro, and an eerie synth lurking in the background. Hunter’s vocals are deep, a bit seductive even, which later turn into a powerhouse of a chorus. The guitar riff is just nasty, with a pretty cool performance and lots of Alternative Rock influences.

Everything flows just right and leaves us wanting more, which we’ll have! Apparently, Liposuction has several original tracks ready to be recorded and released later this year. But for now, you can delight in She Hz’s amazing instrumentation and psychedelic ambiences. Such a blast, so


Liposuction "She Hz" press photo

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