Soda Cracker Jesus’s new soft classic rock ballad “One Day I Know”

American singer, songwriter, and producer Regan Lane is back at it again with another gorgeous single. Under his one-man-band project Soda Cracker Jesus, the artist just released “One Day I Know”, his second single of the year. And, as usual, he delivers us a well-thought-out song filled with details.


Just as in his previous releases “Kaleidoscope“, “Kill It Tomorrow“, “Drug My Soul” and “My Anthem” before, Lane does a wonderful job in making music that is heavily inspired by the classic rock and roll sounds of the 70s; especially David Bowie and David Byrne. But this time around, Lane made a soft rock ballad; the tempos are slower and the distortion of the guitars is toned down. The feel of “One Day I Know” is that it could’ve fit into an album like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and it would be right at home.

Soda Cracker Jesus "One Day I Know" press photo

Lane, who is also a member of the band Strangely Alright, has a way of using space and pause, in his favor, and the ambience it creates is astounding. The guitars and pianos swirl around and give each other room to breathe, and it sounds almost ethereal and dream-like. His production on “One Day I Know” shows just how good of a producer he is, making every single instrument stand out and complement each other just as much as his voice and lyrics.

One day I know I will let it go, forgiveness has a chance to solve the crime‘, he sings in the chorus and it sounds both accepting of whatever misfortunes have happened and also hopeful that soon this feeling will pass. ‘Leaving all this hatred far behind, one day I know‘, he continues. The most interesting part of the way he constructs these lyrics is that they sound like a plea for change within himself, without ever giving us the full story and what happened. It’s intriguing, and it works.

“I’ve been in recovery for over 20 years and one thing I was taught( and learned from trial and error) was that resentment can be a major part of relapse. So learning to let go and forgive became crucial to me in order to move forward with my life today. Another part of my resentment is it kept me in the past and clouded the beautiful things that were happening each day. So forgiveness and letting go helped me to get and stay in the now.”

Regan Lane

Regan Lane AKA Soda Cracker Jesus is an incredibly prolific and creative artist, and this is crystal clear with each new release from him. The way he makes it all sound so retro and still like a breath of fresh air, showing up his musicianship.



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