When.In.Maine’s powerful debut single “Stole My Memories”

Hard Rock band, When.In.Maine, made their debut with “Stole My Memories”. A powerful single about how through denial and lies you could lose both memories and trust. A new band formed by former members of the now-disbanded Snakedoctors. OUT NOW!

The track comes with a music video in which we can see a crumbling couple sick of the lies.


That’s right my friends, today is a bitter-sweet day, for we have been recently informed that the Polish band Snakedoctors is no longer. Some of you might have known them from the blog with their singles Destroyed, Brighter, or Why Don’t. The band released 24 singles and 5 albums in the span of three years before they finally decided to hang the gloves.

But from the ashes of Snakedoctors, musicians Wojciech and Jerry came together to create When.In.Maine, is a new project with Hard Rock qualities and Nu Metal influences that promises a new and exciting musical experience. Songwriter, Wojciech, focuses primarily on the melodic nature of the songs.

When.in.Maine press photo "Stole My Memories"

“Stole My Memories” is the band’s debut single. It is a hard rock tune with a massive sound, especially on the drums, which were recorded by Darryll Nutt, an American drummer who has worked with members of many bands and artists (including members of AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls).

The message behind the single is how lies and denial not only have the power to destroy a relationship, but also steal our memories and, of course, break our trust. With this single the Polish band gets ready for the release of their debut album which, just like in Snakedoctors, will include several special guests, famous artists, and producers. So, listen now!


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