Unfollow Me – “Disappear”

We have tons of processes when it comes to making our music and “Disappear” is the result of two friends who’ve been making music for over a decade. We know each other so well musically and we always push each other to have fun with our sound. We are also each other’s biggest fans so it was easy to create “Disappear”. Unfollow Me

PFLAMES – “High Anxiety”

“The song came together pretty quickly one night. I had a lot of pent up emotions, things on my chest that I couldn’t seem to be able to express when talking to people and once I sat down to write it just flowed like a stream of consciousness. It’s one of those times I can’t even remember writing it or even having to think about it, it just flowed. ” PFlames

Elly Kace “I”

“”I” is a song that is very dear to my heart- it may even be my favorite track on the album. It is the uncovering of my insecurity and vulnerability. In order to really offer this, I record the song curled in a blanket on my couch in Brooklyn. The lyrics share one of my deepest hopes- to overcome the limits of my body and live my life from my spirit without caring so much how others assign worth to me. Elly Kace

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