Deleo – “You Feel”

This is the second single from the album "The Best is Yet to Be", following “Satellite,” released in June. The album is set to be released January 27, 2023. Musicians Emilie Clément, Denis Navarro, Felicien Bousquet and Benjamin Marmier further the story from “Satellite” in “You Feel,” deliberately linking the two most "pop" singles of the album, in an assumed way.

Jenn Vix – “Mr. Strange”

Lyrics detail the moments Vix and Mr. Strange share, from his arrival on a cardboard box to... well, we'll leave that to your imagination! But then again, passion and love between woman and doll isn't that weird... is it? Whatever the answer is, this track is almost an answer to Jim Morrison's timeless question "Where's your will to be weird?"


"One day my friend Nathan (Dubxilla) told me he wanted to write a song about Buddy Holly and Lubbock, TX, where we live, with the title of "Buddy Hollywood.". I thought it was a good idea, then went home to write the chorus/hook part. I recorded it and created a simple beat and space for verses, then sent it to Dubxilla. He wrote the verses the next day, then we got together and started recording in my living room, bringing in our electric guitar friends Jacob Nalle and Cameron "Cornbread" Baker. I want this song to feel like taking a vacation from right where you are!!" Chris Hudgins

The Infinity Process – “Dystopia”

"Sometimes it's hard to just function and find any happiness when you are constantly stressing and thinking about any difficult things you're dealing with emotionally or physically. The world is a mess, and it's easy to get caught up in all of the anger, fear, and sadness. Once in a while, you need to let go and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Stare into the sky and drift away for a bit. Reset your body. Just be free." - Kimberly Tingley / The Infinity Process

The UNCRTN – “Forget About Me”

“It’s basically a song about getting away from stuff that brings you down and tries to change who you are as a person. A reflective moment in life when you realize you have stopped connecting with the group of people/friends you have grown up with. That you want no part of the same ideals, thoughts or viewpoints that people close to you have. So you just have to get away from all that toxicity, whether it’s physically or metaphorically.” - The UNCRTN.


This track has one of the coolest intros ever. "Birdman" is a Delta Blues inspired track that mixes reality with fiction. Laidback drums and soulful chants make of this single a wonderful debut for this London duo. LISTEN NOW! Hello my friends! And welcome back to your favorite music blog. I'm MadZen and today... Continue Reading →

Near Death Experience (NDX) – “Living”

Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s vocals shine with graceful highs and lows and layered do-wop harmonies while Bill ‘The Professor’ Mar-ten hits the keys of an encircling organ. Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover on bass and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins on drums and percussion rack up their accolades with a playful beat and skillful harmony.

Nick Kizirnis – “Way To Me”

"While I've been playing music for many years, it was only recently that I really focused on writing songs that would really mean something to me and hopefully be ones that listeners could relate to. Although I write a lot of songs about heartbreaks and broken relationships, I actually try to see the ultimate positive outcomes in those experiences - what can we learn and how can we grow? I've had many people come up to me and tell me their own interpretation of my songs based on their experiences, and that has been a real honor and privilege. I hope you'll hear something that resonates with you as well, and even if it's something sad or painful that something good had come out of it." - Nick Kizirnis

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