Temperature Falls “Nothing Really Matters”

Gather around for another introduction, dear listeners – this time it’s a wonderful fresh single charged with energy and uplifting traits. That’s not all, as the song’s message is also something to be heard!

The duo is back again with a fresh delivery – their second single of this April. While the song’s title “Nothing Really Matters” may come off as gloomy at first, this song offers a much more uplifting message.

Temperature Falls is an exciting Norwegian duo creating an emotive and unique kind of trip-hop infused alternative rock. Their music, full of untamed energy interlaced with this gentle northern inner-layer beauty, feels like the beautiful chilly Norwegian atmosphere. On that wind-polished stage, the deepest emotions and social issues get exposed and dissected, resulting in deeply relatable lyrics and truly captivating songs. This group’s sound is both fearless and gentle, and most importantly, outstanding in its honesty and raw shapeshifting energy.

Driven by the powerful drums, the echoing guitar chords instill positive vibes, and the distorting sounds of electric guitar flood the listener with goosebumps. Camilla’s vocals, beautiful and with a strong touch of mystery, give off an unmistakably uplifting spark.
The message of this song is powerful and hugely relevant to the current times – a strong urge to live one day at a time, to take a break from the negativity and most importantly – embrace the presence of your loved ones. Flooding the chorus with good vibes, the song says: “Nothing that’s going on out there really matters when you’re here and you’re not alone.”

If there’s anything you’ll need to hear when you’re stressed out and feeling down, it’s this song. It’s guaranteed to pick you up and lift off the heavy weight of dread, reminding what’s actually important in life – you and your loved ones.

Temperature Falls has a respectfully sized discography, including two albums. Two of their previous singles have been previously featured – the energizing “Pass Me a Cigarette” about putting yourself above the expectations of others, and dark “Death by Suffocation” themed on addiction. In addition to the singles above, there’s a lot more to discover – every song offers an unforgettable story, memorable sound and a strong feeling that Temperature Falls is up to great things!

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