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June 05, 2022.

Wow June is here, and I’m ready to share with you my 9 picks for this weekend, welcome back again or if it’s your first time I hope you keep coming to discover some great artists that need our support, so talented but without a large fan base yet, but that’s why we’re here to let the world know about them and their brand new music, because if you have found a great band that gets you excited, is even more exciting to share it with the ones you care, love or you’re surrounded, at least this is my point of view and I hope you feel the same way since you’re here.

You know that is time for the 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to.  Every single week I felt like is going to be harder to have better albums next one and yet here we’re again feeling the same way, and now it’s even greater since we had the first fourth albums of this article in pre-save weeks before the release Jacob Rountree, Alli Bean, Pressure, and Havoc Osiris. I want to say thanks to these artists that trusted in our work, really appreciate it and thank you as well for supporting them, much love to you, my friends.

As you should know we have been changing the approach to present new music since last month we present here 58 tracks/Albums in pre-save for you to be ready for the release day, thank you for using this pre-save links,  I want to invite you to visit our website in general but in particularly to take a look at the category Upcoming Music at the moment of the publication of this article we have 17 tracks/albums/eps on pre-save or pre-order there again same that last week but not the same ones, you can’t listen to the tracks yet but you can enjoy the great work that our time does reviewing the music from this artists for us and letting us know how they sound, what they’re about, what the artist is sharing with us, and obviously the release date and all the links where you can find those artists, so take a moment and give them your support, pre-save, pre-save, pre-save we all appreciate it, thank you!!!

Never underestimate the power that you have, you can support these artists in so many ways, we can do so much for them even with the smallest actions, listening to their music, following on their socials, sounds like things that we can do without really making an effort, right? So don’t hesitate and share with your friends if you enjoy them, share with your loved ones, you know that listening to music you exercise your brain, an if you listen to new music you’re actually challenging your brain cells more to make a bigger effort than when you listen to music that you already know, there you have it,  one more reason to be here with us, we’re going to keep on bringing more music you have enough challenges to enjoy for your daily lives.

What are you looking for? Jazz, Funk, Punk, Metal, Electronic avant-garde experimental, Indie Rock, Folk, Alternative, all of them checked you can find it here in the following albums, enjoy it, see you next week, all the best!!!

Remember that most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations here, for the whole 2022 or 2021).


1.- With a mix of psychedelia and folk rock, the new album As I See It by singer songwriter Jacob Rountree has created a deep and multi-textured work full of unique moods and sounds that range from complex guitar, melancholic string melodies, angelic harmonic vocals, prehistoric percussions and honest, touching vocals. The result is an emotional journey like none other, as if watching the starts go by in the night sky. As I See It is a testament about how music changes our perception of space and time

2.- Alli Bean‘s debut album, Outside Voice, an expressive work in which the Canadian singer-composer uses jazz and its related genres (funk, blues, R&B, among others) to let out a personal and extremely expressive inner voice to light. A fun album that none shall miss out!

3.- PressureFragments” The album is filled with a lot of heavy bangers, where Rock N’ Roll, metal and even spoken verses come together. Delivering the vocals are Olof Jönsson and Olli Violet, an outstanding duo that shines due to the contrast they create. Olof sings the gritty, low-reaching vocals while Olli sings the melodic verses with a powerhouse voice.

4.- Havoc OsirisEvolutions  – the new album comes as a journey split into 18 carefully sculpted tracks. Electronic at heart, it’s an ever-evolving and progressive release with each title carrying their own part in the whole picture. The entirely instrumental album ditches the reliance on lyrics, instead the artist intends to bring the listeners into his own world of music, allowing them to explore and find their own path through the soundscapes.

5.- Electric High  “Walls Fall Down” The EP begins with the title track, which starts out as a breezy, melodic rock song driven by catchy guitar riffs and steady drumming. The song later launches into a powerful refrain, and then into a heavier bridge section; while after the compelling next verse and chorus…you can keep reading our review here.

6.- This legendary comedic duo have created a new album and two new(ish) video-games. Enough said. But for real, Weed N’ Stiff are an absolute blast. In their new album “Ron”, the musicians bring all the retro vibes pulled out from a Miami Vice world. With an 80’s sound and a heavy dose of comedy, this album is a ride to the past. Old school time, baby! LISTEN NOW! You can read our review here.

7.-  Pyramids on Mars – In his own words: “On Cosmic Angles or any of my albums, the emphasis is on song writing and telling a story. I am more influenced by power trios like Rush, Tool and Led Zeppelin. Not one instrument is more important than the other. There is a symbiotic relationship between guitar, bass and drums. The emphasis is not just on the lead guitar melody, but on the band as a whole. Lead melody harmonic variations on repeating themes are strongly utilized; like rhyming phrases in spoken language that allows easier accurate retelling of the original story. This idea of repeating music phrases/themes so the audience can easily recall it and hum it all the way home.” – Kevin Estrella

8- ShadowbannedSummer Dream – is 60’s girl group & shoegaze-influenced indie electronica dream pop. Shadowbanned creates timeless, genre-restless pop songs. Hit play on a Shadowbanned tune: every second sound you hear whispers harmonies half-remembered – from AM radio… or TikTok… just drop a nickel in that jukebox. The other half sings like your fellow citizens of the world, miking up the Internet like it’s the vocal booth of their fevered lockdown dreams.

9.- In a true jazz-fusion statement, King Heron release their debut recording ‘Troika EP’. The Bristol group’s unapologetically different slant on the traditional guitar trio form takes cues from a wide spectrum of music – funk, jazz, R&B, soul, modern interpretations of jazz and electronic music all form part of King Heron’s own distinct sound. ‘Troika EP’ cuts through this wide cross-section of what the guitar trio can be within the idiom of jazz-fusion music; always groove-oriented with hard-edged bass lines, poignant melodies, clanging rock and nods towards New Orleans and Afro-Cuban. Composer and guitarist Jacob Houghton explains “the guitar trio is a staple of pop, jazz and rock. Like a comforting bowl of soup, you know where you stand when confronted with this sturdy mainstay of popular music” – with this in mind King Heron contributes a refreshingly alternative take on the form.

This week we have a bonus: Introducing Los Angeles pop-punk musician LEVI ZADOFF and Ottawa punk newcomer DEAD HENDRIX with their new EP titled DEAD SUMMER, which sees the punk duo mourning the summers that we lost to Covid. Coming to terms with not just the metaphorical death of summer these past two years when everybody was in lockdown, but also the loss of friends and family due to the virus and drug abuse that was exacerbated by the global pandemic, Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff have used those feelings of loss and angst as fuel to create their new EP, DEAD SUMMER.

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Chill – Folk – Acoustic, Sickest & Dopest. Hot Stuff Metal, Only Punk, Contemporary Jazz, Long, Long, Long Songs, and Unknown but Essentials!!!

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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