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July 02, 2022.

We just past the first half of the year, July and the summer are official here and I have great stuff to share with you, welcome to the 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to. If you follow the blog you might be aware of most of this releases since we already have them here but worry not my friends, we have also new music for you that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy and most important support, thank you for everything you do for this blog and these artists, I really appreciate it!!!

Make sure to visit the category Upcoming Music if you think that these albums are great (and you’re not wrong) wait to listen the stuff that we have there about to be released during this month.

Sorry to insist but this is really something very important for all of us, never underestimate the power that you have, your support to these artists is so important and you can do it in so many ways, we can do so much for them even with the smallest actions, listening to their music, following on their socials, sounds like things that we can do without really trying, right? So don’t hesitate and share with your friends if you enjoy them, share with your loved ones, you know that listening to music you exercise your brain, an if you listen to new music you’re actually challenging your brain cells more to make a bigger effort than when you listen to music that you already know, there you have it,  one more reason to be here with us, we’re going to keep on bringing more music you have enough challenges to enjoy for your daily lives.

Remember that most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations Hyooman, Kingfisher, Mr Sunshine and more…, for the whole 2022 or 2021).


1.- Fun, exciting, original, out of the box. BlimeyOhRiley’s new EP Where We Are Merely Imaginary is a must hear album that encompasses different genres like Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, and even Reggae and psychedelia. A brilliant creation that will fill your ears with fresh ecstasy and energetic turbulenceYou can read our review here.

2.- James & Paul The album Tabula Rasa is a collection of songs that the father-son duo have been working throughout the last years, that cover a range of different topics and genres. Thus, it may be seen as an amalgamation of their ideas, emotions and experiences put into song which leave as a result an explosion of charm and personality like none before. You can read our review here.

3.- Red Skies Mourning After the release of various singles during the year, Red Skies Mourning has released his eponymous debut album. Red Skies Mourning features all of his previous singles alongside three new brand new tracks full of synth pop atmospheric soundscapes that evolve and transform from track to track, with a powerful sound that swiftly lifts up the listener off the ground and makes them fly away to distant places. You can read our review here.

4.- Tough On Fridays – returns with all their anthemic power and empowering vocals in their brand new three-track EP! “Overboard!” is an outstanding interaction of Grunge, Alternative Rock and Pop, blasting away with overflowing amounts of energy and first-class lyricism. You can read our review here.

5.-   Tidal is a retro synthwave EP, the newest release from English singer-songwriter SBR bone and star. A diverse lineup of five tracks make up the album and give it a nightlife feel. An antithesis to the typical summer pop release, SBR takes us through the urban underground with a style nicknamed “Dance Vamp”: an hypnotic, high energy sound inspired by the sound, culture, movies (and vampires) of the 80’s. Tidal is an atmospheric album that immerses us into its mood in a creative and explosive way. You can read our review here.

6.-  Faae’s debut EP titled “Rudolph”. The EP is a collection of 3 songs and just like the single Summer Song, the release aims to bring the topic of climate change into our attention.

    7.-  Teose Bikini –  It’s made up of six songs produced by the band themselves, fusing alt/indie with jazz and folk influences showing exactly what they’re all about. With each song being written over lockdown this is the first batch of songs that really showcase the band growing into themselves and really figuring out their sound.

8- Geez Louise debut EP “Candy Bruise” is a testament to the band’s ability to introduce a touch of inspiration from several different genres while maintaining a sound that remains uniquely their own. The group is composed of lead vocalist Sierra Torres, guitarist Nick Jude, drummer Tyelen Gibbs, and bassist Eli Slaughter.

9.- Sheli  first self titled, EP, is a 6 track album that was written after the difficulties of the creator’s romantic breakups with their girlfriends. Cynical and straightforward lyrics, covered by happy and optimistic melodies give Sheli their unique style.

Also worth a lot to take listen to the new EP’s by Mojo XOolong”,  S. E. WebsterOne Of Many Endings and Mistine  “Fade” Take care and enjoy!!!

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Chill – Folk – Acoustic, Sickest & Dopest, and Unknown but Essentials!!!

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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