Unknown But Essentials! (August 2022)

August 31, 2022

Hey, it’s great to be back with you, 31 days are gone and August is saying goodbye so it’s time to take a look at 10 of my favorite releases this month, you known that I don’t want you to missed them, all of them really rocks and if you want to dig the whole playlist that this month reached the large total of 221 tracks (new record) this is 13 hours and 33 minutes of great discoveries for you to have fun while listening to it.

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (Dionne Sturdy-Clow, The Hamiltons, Nick Kizirnis, Indoor Friends, Desert Ships, Broken Romeo, to mention some of them)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

Remember to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from those who have). If you want to check any of the previous article for this monthly playlist you can do it here.


1.- Part of the up and coming scarborough music scene Bad Luck Brian bring a strong, excitable energy with their latest song Masterplan. The song has proved to be a huge singalong success at the bands recent gigs and an ear-worm that you’ll struggle to stop yourself singing for days to come

2.- ‘Monday Eyes’ sees Catherine Elms’s rich vocals and haunting piano accompanied by an orchestral soundscape. Her confessional lyrics rail against the falsehood that we exist in a world where anything is possible, if only we prove ourselves to be “good enough.” The cinematic sound elevates this deeply personal and intimate journey into something powerful and universal.

3.- The Continentals   ‘Without You‘ combines elements of rock n roll, indie, britpop and post punk to create a monumental tune.

4.- Cold ComfortsAll Wrong” is a short, sharp riff-fest about the dangers and hypocrisy of being gaslit by someone you once loved.

5.- NEØV singer-guitarist Anssi Neuvonen tells about the song:

Captured Images” was recorded just before our studio-time ended. We wanted to create something simple, rough and energetic. Lyrically the song is another look at paradoxical concepts of good life and authenticity. Are we living in the social media or reality – and why?”

In the forthcoming months, NEØV – formed by brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen – will play a handful of festival and concert hall shows in Sweden, Germany and Finland.

6.- NOT$ERP WHY’D talking about the song Justin Moyer says “The idea behind Why’d can really be interpreted different person, but for me personally it is internal dialogue to myself. At one point I thought I had borderline Schizophrenia so the song conveys the constant back and forth dialogue I have with myself when it comes to my personal decision making, in the end I know things will always be okay, but I have to overcome the thoughts/false beliefs.

7.- ‘Uncle Lush‘ in his own words “”Let The Good Times Roll” is a classic boom bap joint, influenced by a lot of my favorite golden era rappers from both the east and west coast (Pharcyde, Native Tongues, etc). It’s a real fun summer joint, the beat is infectious, and the wordplay is ridiculous. Hope you enjoy. Peace!”

8.- Sonotto, produces an Avant-garde mix of House, Hip-Hop & Experimental Electronica. Combined with his eccentric and vibrant vocals, delivering lyrics about desire, seperation and ego, the result is a world only Sonotto could create. Listen now VEIL.

9.- Mask are a two-piece noise-rock duo from the Bedford/Milton Keynes area, taking influences from Death From Above 1979, ‘68, and advertise themselves as a “heavier version of Royal Blood”. The bands hard, groovy riffs mixed with their big atmospheric sound, original but nostalgic aesthetic, memorable tunes and dedication to their performance live makes them a band to see this year. Listen no Come Home.

10.- ‘Kissless Virgin’ is the second single from Teen Angst’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Barn Sour.’ The song is the band’s first to feature lead vocals from guitarist Connor Patmore, and the inclusion of multiple layers of interwoven synths and guitars represents an evolution of the classic Teen Angst sound.

Lyrically, the song evokes the feelings of regret and yearning that come as a result of closing yourself off from life experiences.

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