Birdeatsbaby – “Illuminate”

This track deals with the esoteric and the dark, with a mystical force that pulls the listener into a dynamic ride of ethereal melodies and magnetic riffs. “Illuminate” casts a spell over us with its Art Rock composition blend with an operatic sound.


What’s going on boys and girls! Welcome back. It’s your esoteric guru, MadZen, and today we have a very, very special and interesting track for all you darkness/metal lovers. Brought to us by a fantastic group where our dear Hana Piranha is included, this track will send thrills down your spine. Just in time for Halloween! Let’s get to it…

Birdeatsbaby is an Alt-Rock / Industrial / Post Metal band from London and Brighton. Leaded by vocalist Mishkin Fitzgerald, and supported by Garry Mitchell (guitar, bass), renowned drummer Anna Mylee, and the infamous Hana Piranha on violin, cello and harp, the band follows a strong approach towards metal and cinematic music to create a sound that’s striking and unique.

“Illuminate” is their latest track and it presents a slow-burning track that steadily manifests and progresses into a magnificent explosive tune. Super good drumming and solid bass are the foundations of the song, as the string section, both acoustic and electric, provide the haunting melodies and gritty riffs.

Lyrics present some kind of a romantic tale between two lovers, where they both seek to escape from the weight of it all. In the video you can see Fitzgerald as she performs what seems like a summoning ritual, maybe for her lover, maybe for something else… They dance in a chaotic way where body and soul come together, bringing Fitzgerald’s character to a poetic end.

“Illuminate” marks the second single release from Birdeatsbaby’s upcoming album “Hex”. An album that is said to be a collection of songs with an esoteric theme, with a dark visual aesthetic that sees the band stepping further into progressive and post-metal territory.

Without a doubt a great track, perfect for this Halloween and many to come.


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