Yana releases her meaningful debut LP full of Irish sound and deep themes “Journey of the Soul”

The Czech-born singer-songwriter Yana has a fully Irish heart beating within, which translates into her delicate folk music. Her fascination for meaningful lyrics and ear for beautiful instrumentation has previously been featured on the blog via the singles “The Traveller” and “Reach Out“. This month she is ready to reveal her debut full-length “Journey of the Soul”, a release that pays homage to her endless love for folk music and all her dear friends.



The two singles previously mentioned and don’t forget the singles Calme Before The Storm and Funeral of Life offered a glimpse of what “Journey of the Soul” will entail, and it’s a big body of work full of soul, depth, and emotions. Yana’s emotive vocals have a mystifying side with a direct connection to the spiritual realm, and along with the delicately constructed instrumentals, she has created music that feels very close to the soul and amplifies what’s basically the true essence of being a human. There are themes of connection, love, letting go, and facing the hardships life throws at your path, and those themes have been gently unraveled in songs that have the power to leave listeners transfixed.

Each of the album’s 9 songs offers a unique little tale enveloped by intimate instrumentation that paints vivid imagery for the themes discussed in poetic lyrics. There are some more upbeat and rhythmical songs, such as the enchanting “Dark Waters”, a beautiful and deeply heartfelt eulogy titled “The Traveller”, and songs like “My Anchor” that is even more intimate, featuring airy guitar melodies and Yana’s whispery vocals. The album ends with an emotionally uplifting”Pick Up The Pieces”, a piano-driven song performed as a duet with Maurice Culligan.

If you’re a fan of folk music and adore it, or at least have a curiosity for what this folk artist’s music has to offer, definitely check out Yana’s debut album, which is a well-made, soulful release that has loads to offer to both the soul and the ears.

Stream now this album, or better yet, support Yana and order the album now on Bandcamp, and remember that there’s also a lovely limited edition CD also available waiting for you, so waste no time and grab yours immediately,  once they’re gone, they’re gone. You also have the opportunity to have your subscription.


Yana "Journey of the Soul" artwork
The cover photo was shot by Dave Keegan, artwork designed by Alan Tobin.

Don’t forget to support this project and follow Yana on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can also check out her official website. If you enjoy her music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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