I Am The Unicorn Head’s new & single “Extra Dimensional Overlords”

I Am The Unicorn Head returns to its roots with a brand new single “Extra Dimensional Overlords”. A sci-fi-oriented track that continues its adventures through space, and delivers a slow-burning Rock track with the influence of Pink Floyd and Flaming Lips. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today I’m super stoked to present to you the unicorns’ latest achievement. Making use of an AI tool, the duo created a SUPER trippy music video where alien landscapes and beings from other dimensions transform right in front of our eyes!

I Am The Unicorn Head "Extra Dimensional Overlords" press photo 2

The Unicorns continue with their unique outer space saga, the theme of their upcoming album “Unicorns in Space”. So far, they’ve left Earth, fallen in love with an evil space Slug, and fought alien dinosaurs. Now, lost in space, the character known as “The Kid” has the mission to seek for help and direction, sending an SOS to a hidden intergalactic organization known as the “Extra Dimensional Overlords”. Quickly, before their ship, “Unicorn One”, is lost forever on Dinosaur Planet!

The track is the longest of the album, and it presents a variety of musical sections, from soothing acoustic riffs to groovy electric melodies. An odyssey on its own, the track transports us as if we were right there with “The Kid”, looking desperately for help. In the end, “The Kid” falls in desperation and eats some mushrooms he found on Dinosaur Planet, leading him to a wild psychedelic ride across time and space!


The music, of course, adds so much to the visuals and the experience overall, creating a fantasy-like atmosphere, surrendering us to the unknown, and accepting our fate that we may be forever lost… Or are we?

I Am The Unicorn Head "Extra Dimensional Overlords" press photo


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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