Liv Crash, Wild As Her, Moat Cobra, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 28, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give them a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for Liv Crash’s debut album with “’Cause Even In This Album”, Wild As Her with their debut album “Off The Leash”, and for all the metal fans out there Moat Cobra double album part of the brand new series by our friends DCxPC Live & Dead Volumen 1.

Liv Crash "Cause Even In this Album" artwork

I appreciate you for showing some love to these artists, streaming these albums is a really cool way to help this artist, remember to give them a follow, a + (on Spotify), and a heart (social media), you might already know it but I have to say it: you rock! Waste no more time and let’s get to it!



1.- Liv Crash, the solo project of Italian guitarist Stefano Pellecchia, has arisen with his debut album ‘Cause Even in This Album.’ Hailing from Milan, Italy, Liv Crash delivers a sensational collection of nine tracks that span a mere 27 minutes but leave a lasting impact. From funky alternative-pop-rock tracks to soulful jazz-infused ballads, this album is a product of years of sweat, love, and creativity. You can keep reading our review here.

2.- Wild As Her “Off The Leash” In their own words: “We just released our very first solo album ever and the German country press went nuts. This is the result of years of being “just” a hired gun and finally stepping forward (we were proverbial let off the leash) and doing what we love – no-holds-barred and with all the hard effort and love we had. Ok and with all our money. 🙂 So we hope you enjoy our colorful and diverse music. Thank you for listening and keep it Country!” Our review is coming soon.

3.- As an avid lover of both Punk rock and vinyl, I would argue that one would be hard-pressed to tap into that niche better than our good friends at DCxPC Live now presenting Moat Cobra DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1. You can keep reading our review here.

4.- The Margaret Hooligans have been an unstoppable creative force since their first single release in August 2021, releasing 37 songs in the span of less than two years. They are now releasing their third album, Saturday Night in Bartertown, which features previously released singles “Doggie Pizza Crust”, “Hey Love”, “The Lost Stilt Walkers”, “Witch on the Corner”, and “What Kind of Donut Are You?” as well as four unreleased songs, one of which is a Grateful Dead cover of “New Speedway Boogie”.

5.- Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey with the enigmatic band ‘I am the Unicorn Head‘ as they unveil their highly anticipated new single, ‘Extra Dimensional Overlords‘. This mesmerizing, epic track is the latest release from their visionary concept album, ‘Unicorns in Space‘, set to transport listeners to realms beyond imagination. Brace yourselves as ‘I am the Unicorn Head’ propels you into a universe teeming with adventure, mystery, and cosmic marvels.

6.- Playful and sweet grounded by dark guitar-driven grit, Anya Van Rose gives you honesty over the backdrop of dynamic juxtaposition. She wants you to know the truth and it’s evident that she doesn’t shy away from paradox. Her debut album Lucky Stars is the afterglow of a starry-eyed daydream where perspective shifts from head-in-the-clouds reverie to the fiercely feminine.

It’s clear that she’s walked through the fire to get where she is today but even still, Anya describes her full-length record as “a license to have fun”…and you better buckle up. 

7.- Versatility is the defining trait of Jeff Eager’s talent. The artist has released his second full-length studio album titled ‘2070.’ With several years of life and career experience between his works, Jeff is bringing a different perspective to his art this time around. Chasing no trends and leaning strongly into the timeless artists that influenced him, this album is a wealth of classic songwriting: strong melodies over moving progressions, rich instrumentation, and arrangements, plus plenty of hooks.

8.- Dana Powell‘s debut EP “Mirrors” in her own words: ” I wrote and recorded these songs over the last couple years with the help of Philip Larsen, a Grammy Award-winning producer. Performing music is how I convey my stories to the world. It is easier for me to write and sing my thoughts and feelings than it is
to speak them. I try to put as much emotion as I can into songs so the audience can understand and relate”.

9.- Arliston release their latest EP ‘How in Heaven’ a beautifully constructed 5-track journey taking influences from Big beat to folk, Jack and George have created a proper piece of art that is all killer, no filler. Having released 3 singles to critical aclaim the time has come for the full project to be digested as it was intended. “This EP feels like the bigger half of an album and our previous (Even in the shade) being the quiter, ballad-y half” explains George.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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