De Antiquis Et Novis brings out life itself on new album “Dance!”

We’ve talked about it several times, we’ve all been eagerly waiting for it and it is finally here! I am, of course, speaking now about the new album from German producer Matthias Schorer under the moniker De Antiquis Et Novis. The futuristic retro-disco-inspired dance album from Matthias is simply called Dance! and there really wasn’t a better title for it.



Over the course of seven beautifully written, produced, and performed tracks, Matthias invites us to close our eyes on the dancefloor and lose ourselves in flashing colors. An experienced producer that has already made everything, Matthias is coming high off of the previous album Afterglow, which was focused on chill, ambient music. Dance! is a significant departure from the sounds explored in Afterglow and it comes to cement Matthias as a producer who can actually do it all.

Dance! is an impressively cohesive album when you listen to it from start to finish, it almost sounds like it’s telling a story from track to track, as it deals with themes such as wishfulness, love and loss, the beauty and the pain of everyday life. The album features impeccable vocals from singer Elise and lyrics from Alek Jenssen on several tracks; including the two previously unreleased ones “Again” and album closer “Be Alive”. Both songs serve as graceful bridges that tie together all of the sounds made by Matthias on the songs we’ve already heard and stand as highlights from the piece.

De Antiquis Et Novis "Dance!" artwork

It kicks things off with the stunning “Fallinng Stars” and it flows seamlessly into “Again”. A perfect song that starts off with glistening piano chords and strong vocals that eventually explode into a collective catharsis of walls of sounds and shimmering keys over arpeggiated synths and beats. It sounds like something that Jessie Ware could have pulled off on her groundbreaking What’s Your Pleasure? and it blends so well the feelings of a disco floor with the softness of singing and dancing to disco music alone in your room.

Then come to the favorites “Dancing Under the Moon“, “Time Is Running Out” and “Dreams“, followed by the underrated “Vallis Boulevard” until finally culminating into album closer “Be Alive”. On the last track, one of the songs featuring lyrics from Alek Jenssen and vocals from Elise, Matthias crafts perhaps the most interesting moment of the entire album, reminding me of the work Robyn has done on Honey. Ranging from a single pulse repeated in regular intervals with vocals and lyrics about wanting to feel alive throughout a mundane routine.

Then the song softly crashes around it all with keyboards and beats that suddenly just stop to focus on the vocals and message. It’s a different and interesting take on ‘dance music’, because it shies away from what it’s expected and it closes the album on a beautiful introspective note instead of a bang. And it works so well after everything we’ve experienced on Dance!

Coming out on September 8th and already available in physical CD form, the new album from De Antiquis Et Novis is a wild ride into every single era of European dance music at once. It sounds both like an ode to everything and everyone that came before him, as well as a bright step into the future of electronics and nightlife. Dance! is a masterful piece of work, that knows exactly when and where to explode into light and when to pull back and soften things – and it often does both within the same song. If only all dance music could be this good!



De Antiquis Et Novis press photo


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