Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 07 (Top 10)

Hey, this is it, the end of the road for this countdown, thank you so much for being here, this one might be my last article this year, not sure yet maybe we can have one more, but it all depends, only time will tell. I hope you’re having a great week my friends, that you’re feeling well, and having good health and if you’re surrounded by the ones you love and love you then my friends you’re in a good place, and if something of these things is missing in your life remember that the sun still shines and nothing is forever, and hopefully we’ll have a brand new day to start over building for a better future.

I’m happy to say that this task is completed, was a great year, full of music, fantastic debuts, and phenomenal albums, we found together great tunes, brand new bands, and such great artists, and the best part is that we enjoy them together. This countdown is just a glimpse of this dying year, thank you for all that you did for us and these artists, we appreciate you.

The final 10 tracks or the Top 10 are finally here, I need to say it again, for me these 100 tracks are some of my favorite tracks listened to this year, for me isn’t relevant the number in this list, I enjoy them all, and hopefully, you enjoy if not all of them, some for me that would be awesome.

Let’s go and take a look at these final 10 tracks. Here you’re going to find the links for our review of each one of them.



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Here is the YouTube and Spotify Playlist’s link for this TOP 100 SONGS 2022.

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