Robin Plays Chords, Moon and Aries, Madzen, and more…

Hi, everyone, I hope you're doing well and having a great weekend, and you're right, this is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 06, in case you haven't checked the website the “Album Of The Week” belongs to "Robin Plays Chords" with “Unmasking” a 5 track album that you should not miss. remember... Continue Reading →

Michael Donoghue, Richard Tyler Epperson, LONG ISLAND, and more…

I'm positive we're going to have a great year, really exciting times are ahead of us, so join me week in and week out to find together great gems to support and spread the word, because even when you might not know it, we need them more than we can imagine to carries us through the ups and downs that we'll have this year.

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 07 (Top 10)

I’m happy to say that this task is completed, was a great year, full of music, fantastic debuts, and phenomenal albums, we found together great tunes, brand new bands, and such great artists, and the best part is that we enjoy them together. This countdown is just a glimpse of this dying year, thank you for all that you did for us and these artists, we appreciate you.

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