Unknown But Essentials! (May 2022)

May 31, 2022

May is almost gone, but I can say that this was a great ride for sure, welcome back dear music loverls, I’m ready to share with you only 10 tracks that are standouts discoveries for me this month, you know that I’m going to mention “only ten” but this playlists is the largest so far this year 78 tracks, in your UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! As always I’m sure you’re going to find some true gems, enjoy it.  

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (Divine Decandence, Grave Return, Robbie Rapids, Bleeding Sun, Aggressive Soccer Moms, Skar de Line, Faded Shades to mention some of them)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

Let’s take a look at some of them don’t forget to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from  those who have). If you want to check the previous article for this playlist you can do it here.


1.- E-PO are a bold, new, 5-piece female led alt-rock band from Birmingham UK. Mother is their debut single and pulls influences from artists such as The Runaways and Nothing But Thieves. The track features playfully sinister lyricism, raucous guitars and driving drumbeats that come together to immerse the listener in the song’s chaotic soundscape.

2.- Faux Hex is a subterranean electronic duo from Bristol (UK), creating experimental electronic music with elements of industrial, trip hop, post-rock, plunderphonics, big beat, alternative dance, avant garde and noise. Faux Hex Faux Hex combines bleak synthetics and raw biological instrumentation to form a brutal listening experience that enters the dark spaces found within the man-made landscape of the city and the mind. Listen now See Bar Ray.

3.- Edie Blame Me is a fresh take on classic 90s pop-rock, perfect for living out your rom-com dreams! In her own words: “This song is for anyone who has ever been underestimated or taken for granted”.

4.-Zeta Zeroes Toxic Rob – Single Version is the first single from one-man band Zeta Zeroes off their upcoming self-produced debut EP, a collection of hardcore punk and punk rock songs written as instrumentals over a decade ago by a high school metalhead who became influenced by his punk-inclined bandmates and the likes of Rise Against, Sum 41, Blink-182, and Every Time I Die. After years of higher education and a lost personal identity, these songs have been rearranged, rerecorded, and topped with lyrics about present-day musings, from the personal to the universal.

5.- Bag Of Cans  are a five piece (six if you count the bag) band birthed from the effervescent swamp which is Norwich’s music scene, and have weaved through the musical ranks on a sound described as “a gloriously surreal mix of old school indie, listen now Hair Of The Dog.

6.- Michy Tree  SIKE! is a classic sassy breakup song

7.- milktheram embrace all styles, disregard genre but maintain a common thread. Songs to sing when the world doesn’t make sense. What?

8.- The New Nostalgia Ibis Budget is the lead single taken from the band’s debut album, “BLEED & BLOOM.”, which is scheduled for release in August 2022. The track, which is partly inspired by lead singer Patrick McCallion’s own experience, details a chaotic fever dream-like experience of living in a budget hotel on the outskirts of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. McCallion states:

“I moved to The Netherlands under very chaotic circumstances back in 2017 and spent around two weeks living in a budget hotel near the airport while I tried to find an apartment to rent. It was one of the most surreal, Alan Partridge style experiences of my life and I’ve basically been trying to find a way to get this into a song for the past five years! “Ibis Budget” is a chaotic farce of a track, which is basically the only way you can write about living out of a suitcase in a discount airport hotel!”

9.- Armstrong  return with an explosive new song ‘Morning‘, a song about making a big life-changing decision, having that final night with the person you love before your decision possibly changes everything.

10.-  This new single is the next step in the Zak Domogalla saga of heart break, struggle, illness, and neurodivergence through music.

It is an acoustic singer/songwriter style tune with an eclectic mix of cello, big organs and piano that add a hauntingly beautiful ethereal element.

Through the bright chords you hear the lyrics of a man who is searching for a feeling that might not exist. It`s about her… Mrs. Moon Eyes.

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