The Margaret Hoolignas, Jackson Watson, Language Games, and more…

October 22nd, 2022.

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, and to help to keep going in this direction I have for you some great album just released, starting with my pick for album of the week that goes to our dear friends The Margaret Hooligans, congrats guys, great work!!!

This year is running out of time, only 10 more weeks to go and talking about new releases we can say 7 maybe 8 weeks only cos that’s the way things work. But let’s go back to the present and here you have the round up for 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to, Week 42.

But before moving forward I want to invite you if you enjoy soft pop and easy listening tracks like when you want to chill you can give it a try if you feel like to the playlists 12 New Songs This Week, you’ll find here around 60 tracks each single week with brand-new releases that fit this mood.

You already know what is coming right? Support, support, and support these artists, PLEASE!!! At least the ones that you enjoy the most, you can be that little push that they all need and the best part it that any little action helps, everything counts, for example you can stream them, and if you enjoy their tracks save them to your libraries (heart their songs on the platform that you use), you also can follow them all over social media or the ones that you use, I have to say that for me sharing music is my life, I don’t asking you do the same but you can share this artist with your loved ones and that would be huge, add them to your playlists, pre-save their upcoming releases and if you have the luck to have them in your town get some tickets and enjoy the show.

Most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations Call In Dead, Howe, Mt Fog, and more…, for the whole 2022 or 2021).



1.- The new album from The Margaret Hooligans is out now and it is a masterclass on drumming. “Turntable Tribulations” is filled with amazing The Who inspired drum beats, as well as high-gained electric ukulele riffs. You can read our review here.


2.- Jackson WatsonNumb” How exciting. I love a concept album. It’s like music theatre. Upon reading that, I put away the dance shoes and prepared to sit at my desk, listening intently to pick out all of the story. Won’t you join me? You can read our review here.

3.- While painting musical soundscapes of personal experience, Language Games invites the listener to give them their own interpretation. Raw and melancholic, Vignettes for a Sad Life has an ever-expansive range of emotion and storytelling that guarantees each listening experience to be unique.You can read our review here.

4.- This is a great Pop extravaganza album filled with lots of Psychedelic overtones. “Building The Bird” by Amateur Ornithologist is an album about coming to terms with who you are, delivered with a beautiful cosmic landscape and a retro-feel. You can read our review here.

5.- This is a 10-track collection of beautifully humane Anti-folk tracks. “McPhailure” is an in-depth glimpse into Dale Mcphail’s life filled with chilled acoustic songs, and deeply personal lyrics. You can read our review here.

6.- This EP Major Jones sung by Major Kami part of the collective called DAMde8 is an ode to one of the greatest artists in history, humanity’s beloved Darkstar: David Bowie. A three-track collection of Electro and Alt Pop, with a composition, arrangement, and sound quality so good that it would’ve made Bowie proud. This is not a drill, you can read our review here.

    7.- “The Moods That Follow” by S J Denney It consists of two previously singles that we’ve also covered here on #LT1KF: “A Silent Scream”, and “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” totaling what is to be a 4-track EP…. or is it?? Muhahahaha! More on that cryptic musing a little later. For now… you can read our review here.

8- Just To See Me Fall,” by Ari Raine. The EP will consist of 5 tracks. Her sound is described as 2000s era RnB, hip hop, and pop music. That is pretty accurate, but what stands out for me in comparison to the pop genre generally speaking, is that there are extra layers of depth and introspection in her lyrics and songwriting… You can read our review here.

9.- An exciting new EP entitled “The Big Picture” just dropped 2 weeks ago, October 7th, by Elad David, an artist from Israel. There are a variety of different challenges that come about when writing about artists, but Elad David presents a unique one. The guy does everything. You can read our review here.

You can also give a listen to the following releases by Alec BerlinLife in the Bog”, The Fades with their album “Night Terrors” and Aisha J her EP “day in the life”.

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Chill – Folk – Acoustic, Sickest & Dopest, Autumn Acoustic, Unknown but Essentials! And Long, Long, Long Songs.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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