Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 05 (30-21)

Hi, I hope you’re having a great start to the week my friends, I’m back with the next bunch of tracks part of this countdown, you already know it, 10 more tracks, now we hit 80 of my favorite tracks released this 2022, we’re getting closer to the end and to be honest I have almost all the 20 tracks but let’s enjoy first this that we have here.  Turn for tracks 30-21. Don’t forget at the end of this article you’ll find playlists: Spotify 80 and YouTube 79 (The Festival by Dioneesus is missing).

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, it’s only a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

Let’s go and take a look at these great tracks. Here you’re going to find the links for our review to each one of



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Here is the YouTube and Spotify Playlist’s link so far:

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