Bridget Kelly Quinn “Dead Flowers LP”

Life has been bringing in surprising turns and changes, particularly in the recent years. But even if the changes are for the worse, there's comfort and solace found in between. Bridget Kelly Quinn's debut release was co-created with guitarist and keyboardist David Lennon, comes titled "Dead Flowers" and is home to 10 songs, which all touch a theme sprouting from her personal life, as a mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Thus, the album's 30 runtime minutes are packed with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Catherine Elms- I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It

I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It starts of as a powerful heavy rock album and transforms into something completely different, as we follow Catherine Elms' emotional journey. She masterfully constructs a cinematic way to guide us through it in an original musical and lyrical sense. We experience anger, sadness, happiness and hope throughout is fourteen tracks, as we identify ourselves with its anecdotes and emotions.

Lupis. It’s Probably More than Fine.

"Something I’d say to first time listeners to this album try to appreciate the raw sound of the album. It was entirely intentional, and we as a band feel it represents what we actually sound like...just maybe under ideal circumstances. We put our hearts and souls into this, and we hope you can hear and feel it." Spaz of Lupis

Anita Eccleston- Gala Gardens

I became overwhelmed by world events, the War in Ukraine is devastating, and the pandemic has taken such a toll, I needed to find a way to feel in control of something. Using creation as my vehicle, I poured myself into this in March of 2022 as a sort of side project challenge. It became so much more to me. The name and titles were drawn from my connection to my garden and the natural world. My garden has been a safe haven for me, a place for serene reflection, which this album takes to heart. Golden Hour and Gala Gardens as a whole album is soothing like a balm.

The Margaret Hooligans – “Turntable Tribulations” Album

"I had been working on a musical that never came to fruition before teaming up with Strontium to create The Margaret Hooligans, so I had a desire to see if we could write a mini rock opera [...] Psycho Diapers was a kind of challenge for ourselves, in that we admire The Who's A Quick One While He's Away and of course, Tommy. Melissa Nannen / The Margaret Hooligans

Jackson Watson’s Love Story Second Album

""Numb" is about what it's like to find yourself into someone and feeling that you'll never love yourself that much. Through the first half of the album, you can hear me 'fall in love' with this person and get completely infatuated by them. However, by track 9 and onward, I take a step back to realize who I am and how to love myself." Jackson Watson on the new album "Numb"

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