Unknown But Essentials! (June 2022)

June 30, 2022

Hey, how are you, my friends? I’m so excited about the bands that I’m going to share with you, with tracks released this June, that by the way, was a monster month for this playlist, over 120 tracks added in your UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! As always I’m only going to mention 10 standouts, but you can go through all the playlist and enjoy these gems.  

If you follow the blog, I’m sure you’re going to find some familiar faces on this list that we already cover with their own reviews (Smoke Spider, Bad Blood, 9 O’clock Nasty, Mazyn, Kingfisher, Prove You Wrong, B of Briz, Lockdown Co., to mention some of them)  or are part of our 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To.

Remember to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from  those who have). If you want to check the previous article for this playlist you can do it here.


1.- Windon Shopping  are a five piece from Adelaide, Australia (Kaurna Land) who explore themes of early adulthood through catchy songs and silly lyricism. Drawing influence from an array of artists such as Cheekface, Sidney Gish and The Prettiots, the use of humor in lyricism is a unique way they explore narratives and concepts in their music

Their debut song, One More Episode, touches on what it means to be a twenty-something who knows, logically and by comparison, that they should be a fully-fledged, proper, official, real, actual grown up, while understanding that they are absolutely none of those things.

2.- Post Club Casino this band is not just a heavenly idyll for oversized dreams but an exile for ridiculously insane realities as well. Within the band, the two of them are beautiful. There, they get their chance to sweat lametta and feel as the celebrities, they have always wanted to be. And of course: there is music. Great music, obviously.

For them, there is no doubt about all of this. The new Wonderwall is written. The arena is waiting. The horses are getting nervous. Megalomania does not fit into tiny houses, as you know. And eventually they like to share some fun with you. “Give us your love“ they ask in their first album single “Jesus Christ“ and you better do! Cause the Casino just opened and that means, it is getting hot. If not to say: hot as fuck.

3.- Cult Blonde Everyone needs a bit of confidence in their life. ‘Danger’ is about knowing what you want, what you don’t, and owning it. The song creates a feeling of femme expression and a bit of sass, with a musical blend of indie surf rock and new-wave/post-punk inspirations. ‘Danger’ was created with a mixture of live instruments and synthesizers paired with vocals and ethereal samples. True artists at heart, the two have taken a complete DIY approach to their music.

4.-The Lunar Towers deliver a spiky-riffed bouncing summer anthem in the form of ‘Happy as Larry’. Inspired by the classic ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ episode ‘Shaq’, in which Larry David accidentally trips legendary LA Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal, in turn, the whole of Santa Monica turns against him, and Larry has never been happier. This three-minute summer singalong channels the joy expressed in the jubilant dance Larry performs in a coffee shop, featuring a floor-filling bass and rhythm combo from Moore and Hillier-Smith, Sewell’s electrifying guitar, and topped off with Richardson’s soulful and heartfelt vocal delivery.

5.- Casper Grant   “Everything’s Been Done Before” is a museum tour held in a lucid dream. Covering topics ranging from surviving political unrest to swapping bodies with romantic partners Caspar demonstrates his ability to conjure immersive scenery and complex characters in the space of a few bars. With Zatoichi’s Ears providing a backdrop of dusty loops and crunching drums Caspar navigates his way through a compendium of curiosities that are as otherworldly as they are vivid.

6.- Bruit Fureur  In their own words: “We’re Bruit Fureur, an electric poetry duo from Toulouse (FR), sewn with intense texts, between a morrisonian trance and a punk recital.” ‘Nous si jeunes d’absolu‘ (‘We, so young and pure of absolute’).

« We are Bruit Fureur.

We tell stories made of sound and fury.

We give a voice to the elements of nature,

To women,

To the castaways,

To people who are at odds and look out for somewhat elsewhere. »

A feverish spoken song, a raw and chiseled electric guitar sound, some strong texts written by us or borrowed from Virginie Despentes, Maylis de Kérangal, Alessandro Baricco…

7.- Aliénore is a French-British singer & songwriter living in Berlin whose music can be described as “witchy” pop, with notes of folk & indie influences. By layering ethereal vocals with synth lines, enchanting guitar sounds & words written both in English and French, Aliénore’s music pulls the listener into a dreamy soundscape with depth, rawness and sensibility. “Paradise Lost” is her debut single.

8.- Japanese Jesus A hard hitting two piece from Limerick who are tapping into Ireland’s rich vein of post punk guitar music. Bus Weirdo is a song about encounters with slightly unhinged people on public transport. Never had such an encounter? Well then you may ask yourself..’maybe I am the bus weirdo?’

9.- AzzieDay  has tastefully mixed moody existentialism, bedroom pop, and dreamy indie pop for your ears! The song Human Endeavor is a message about how much destruction humans cause in pursuit of their endeavors. It’s also a reminder that we’re in it together. It shines a light at the dilemmas we face as a species.

10.- Fever Pitch boils down alternative music’s past, present and future to a singular sound. Drawing firm inspiration from 90s shoegaze and grunge, they defibrillate their influences with touches of modernity. Comprised of members who cut their teeth in Sydney’s hardcore scene before seamlessly shifting into alternative rock and pop projects, Fever Pitch exists in a constant state of growth. Their debut single, Until It Breaks, is something both familiar and foreign; worn and brand-new.

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