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Top 100 Songs 2021 (82-74)

Hey, are you ready for next batch in this countdown #Top100Songs2021 (you can check our previuos week 91-83 here), October is well known it for the Oktoberfest or Halloween, and also is the Awareness Month and for that reason this week makes me take 9 picks by fantastic female rising artists that I have enjoy

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Jorge Ostos “Dream”

“Initially the idea was to have my wife sing the song, but for various reasons this didn’t work out, which led me to contact Tim Condor, a very versatile singer from the North West of England, who has also been involved in various projects internationally. The result I think is a well crafted production with musically interesting arrangements. The single was produced, mixed and mastered by myself at Philipino Rec in San Juan, Argentina, as well as playing all the instruments myself.”

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